Laravel 5.3 – Improved Framework with New Features


The development of Laravel Framework had eased the work of web developers significantly. This framework has undergone repetitive updating since its release. The 5.3 version of Laravel has packed some praiseworthy modifications for the artisans of the website. Laravel Application Development is one of the most popular clean & classy PHP framework which has proven itself.

Routing Changes

The URLs are rerouted in the Routing area as per your necessities. The routing process requires the expertise of professionals for seamless execution of the task. Two routing groups were present in the previous version of Laravel framework. One group was used for web and one for the API. The updated 5.3 version has an explicit separation present between the routes of the web and the API. This clear distinction will let Laravel developers organize their routes efficiently.

The $Loop Variable

The Blade templating language of Laravel provides different types of control-structures known as directives. These PHP control structures will appear as @foreach, @if and so on. The addition of $Loop to @foreach directive has provided the developers with convenient shortcuts for PHP control structures. You can use this loop variable as a parent reference. This will open up smarter options for you during Templating.

Cache () Global Helper

The Shortcut Global Helpers in Laravel are capable of performing three main tasks – getting a value, putting a value and return an example of their backing service. The cache () is capable of performing these three tasks like other global helpers of Laravel. This feature will help you store the cache value with the use of a Cache Manager.

Revised Folder Structure

The Laravel 5.3 has undergone the exclusion of some old folders known as – Events, Jobs, Listeners and Policies. This updated version of Laravel has also witnessed the addition of some new folders along with the Route folder. These folders will only appear with the use of Artisan (app/Mail for Mailable, app/Notifications for Notification).

Directory Structure Changes

The exclusion of Events, Jobs, Listeners and Policies folders from Laravel 5.3 is not permanent. These directories contain a single and advanced class structure. These directories/folders appeared in the previous versions by default, though, were used less frequently. In this latest version, you have to run a command to make these directories appear with the help of Artisan.

New Notification System

The new ‘Notification’ feature will detangle your mailing process in addition to the mailable feature. This system will help you create a single class for each notification. Each of these specific sections will determine the proper way of notifying the users of the same message with different types of communication mediums.

New JSON-Column with Where () & Update () Syntax

In previous versions of Laravel, conveyance of data to and from JSON was just a convenience. You were not capable of storing data in JSON column. The introduction of MySQL 5.7 has changed the scenario. It has introduced an actual JSON column within the framework. The JSON column will let you perform inquiries based on properties. You can also update an individual piece of information presented in the JSON column without affecting the others.

These advance features of Laravel 5.3 will help you create wonderful applications effortlessly and as an efficient developer.


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