Beneficial Combination of WordPress and Laravel Framework

WordPress is an open source content management system. The CMS framework of this system is based on MySQL and PHP scripting-language. The intuitive interface of this platform will let you access your website from any gadget capable of using internet communication. The PHP web-frameworks necessary for the construction of WordPress are – CodeIgniter, Yii, Symfony, CakePHP, and Laravel. The Laravel has been found to be the most suitable framework present within this group.


Introduction of Laravel Framework

The Laravel framework was first introduced in 2013. It has undergone continuous updating within this period. Its rising demand in the current market attests to its improved performance. The MVC framework present within the Laravel provides a solid infrastructure for your website application.


If you are a developer, this framework will let you focus on the creation of the application. You will be relieved from worrying about the internals such as code design, security, database communication, configuration and template formation. Laravel will allow you to take over the customized solution of another programmer and will let you extend it without any complication.

Benefits of Laravel Framework with WordPress

  1. The utilization of Laravel framework may cost you something additional. The smoothness you will enjoy through the combined performance of Laravel and WordPress will be worth every penny.
  2. This framework has all the necessary features and potentials to ease the tasks of PHP developers. Its useful functionalities let it intertwine with numerous browsers and search engines. This entwining feature will provide your website with the most comprehensive view.
  3. The usability of your website will increase with the perfect combination of Laravel and WordPress. The Laravel framework is as customizable as the WordPress. The flawless union of these two systems will help you customize your website effortlessly.
  4. The Blade template engine works hand-in-hand with Laravel. This templating engine will not restrict you from using the plain PHP code in your views. The templates are designed with a simple web page layout due to the intuitive features of Blade. These templates may compile every little detail as per your necessities.
  5. The latest version of Laravel is fitted with an advance feature, known as Form Request. This feature will help you validate and process data during the creation of contact forms. The contact forms may include several arrays containing your name, email address, and messages. The validate methods of this framework appear automatically with the request of a new form. It starts generating the contact form with the pre-mentioned mandatory fields.
  6. The Artisan Scheduler feature will improve your efficiency through simplification of the tasks required to be scheduled. You need to create a Cron entry for each task, needed to be scheduled on your server, without this feature. This feature allows you to define your command-schedule within Laravel framework expressively. The Artisan Scheduler will save you from making multiple Cron entries.

Uniqueness of Laravel-WordPress Combination

The efficiency of Laravel improves in the presence of WordPress. These two applications complement the performances of each other. The Laravel development company can provide your developmental work with front-end support. The WordPress is perfect for backend support. The WordPress also supports the plug-ins embedded within Laravel. This feature will help you showcase the data collected from the WordPress database on the front-end.

Implementation of Laravel-WordPress Combination

The consolidation of Laravel with WordPress will let you develop and extend any program quicker than usual. This will increase your productivity and will be proven an economic solution for you. You may be thinking about building customized websites quickly at cost-effective rates. You may use the beneficial features of this combination to your advantage.


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