Top 10 WordPress Design Trends that will dominate 2017

Remarkably, WordPress powers over a quarter of all the world’s websites. Because of this, you have access to a relatively incessant range of themes, plugins, and ideas to select from. It’s an excellent and also probably overwhelming position to be in.

Narrowing down the best themes, plugins, and also design trends for your website will certainly give you with the tools you should provide it a distinctive individuality. Recognizing the latest design trends, in particular, will put you in a great position to develop website that attract modern looks as well as functionality needs.

In this post, we’ll have a look at several of the most important WordPress design trends that we expect to shine during 2017. Let’s jump right in!

Single-Page Websites

Simplicity is the essential to great functionality; something that’s come to be a priority provided the wide variety of devices individuals utilize to access the internet. Single-page websites are a preferred WordPress design trend for companies and also individuals concentrating on a single services or product. Aside from being incredibly uncomplicated, they’re specifically conducive to storytelling, as well as maintaining visitors from getting distracted.

Our own theme, travel guide simple website template is a fully responsive Single Page Website template developed using the HTML5 and CSS3. Each section of the website template is fully customizable. Well-commented HTML code makes it easy to understand the backend of the developed landing page.

Image Credit: Store.KrishaWeb

Drag-and-Drop Content

No longer are WordPress users linked to using particular layouts, many thanks to the rising popularity of modular. Drag-and-drop content, specifically, allows you to keep full control over a lot of layout elements without customizing your website’s underlying structure. Additionally, these builders open up a world of possibilities for WordPress customers without web development experience. If you can visualize it, possibilities are you can build it making use of one of these tools.

Instead of relying solely on predefined sidebar layouts, developers now enjoy much greater flexibility, thanks to drag-and-drop builders. This is a trend that we expect to become a lot more preferred in 2017.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling has actually been preferred for some time, as well as it’s likely to stay a prevalent trend for the direct future. It plays particularly well with single-page websites considering that it creates an immersive perception of depth. Some developers additionally declare that it increase engagement and also reduces bounce rates, however these claims are tough to prove. Regardless, it’s difficult to reject that parallax scrolling– when utilized well– can make a WordPress website pop.

A pleasant tip: If you’re aiming to implement this feature, pay unique attention to just how it impacts the readability of your website. Otherwise, it could cripple your site’s functionality.

Module-Based Themes

Many of today’s WordPress sites are composed of numerous modules and also widgets extending a mix of advanced features. Module-based themes enable you to call upon the functions you require, when you need them. They prevent ‘bloated’ pages and also make for an intuitive layout experience, especially when combined with drag-and-drop features.

Adaptive Images

As even more internet users turn to smart phones, having a website that’s well-suited to small-screen browsing is more crucial than ever.

E-Commerce-Specific Themes

E-commerce businesses are  increasingly shifting towards WordPress, thanks to its layout flexibility and also the number of shopping-oriented themes offered. Together with a powerful plugin such as WooCommerce, a premium e-commerce-specific WordPress theme could offer a system for on-line shopping destinations of massive dimension and scale.

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Raised ‘Microinteractions’.

‘ Microinteractions’ continue to be a popular trend in website design as well as advertising and marketing. They are relatively almost everywhere, maintaining us interested with involving animations as well as simple visual responses. As web design goes, they provide a fantastic method to highlight your content and also maintain individuals on the page for longer.

Popular microinteractions consist of Like functions, tweeting on-page quotes, and pinning posts.

Video Headers

Every year, WordPress introduces a new default theme that’s automatically available for each user that sets up the platform. The 2017 theme– aptly called Twenty Seventeen—sports an intresting video header feature.

While video headers as well as backgrounds are nothing new, they’ve yet to take off en masse on WordPress websites. Twenty Seventeen might advertise the beginning of a new trend. We’ll have to keep an eye out for WordPress video headers as the year unfolds!

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VR-Optimized Themes

Virtual Fact (Virtual Reality) is about far more than just gaming. The technology seems fully posed to hit the mainstream in 2017, and also it additionally has effects for web design. VR provides a lot of potential in particular industries, with applications such as demonstrating products or offering virtual tours.

We may effectively see the first VR-oriented WordPress themes appearing over the next year, as even more individuals update to VR-ready hardware. Certain virtual reality-oriented plugins, such as WP-VR-view, are already available.


Long gone are the days when web developers were restricted to a little choice of web-safe fonts. Dynamic fonts are now a common component of we design, and stylized typography is typical.

Expressive typography will certainly no doubt continuously be just one of the most important trends in the world of web design in 2017, with applications far beyond simple headers as well as standard body text. In addition, WordPress offers numerous typography-oriented plugins, and if we know anything, it’s that there are always a lot more plugins in the horizon.


WordPress is, by an enormous distance, the world’s most preferred Content Management System (CMS). It offers many features as well as tools that it’s difficult to recognize where to begin and which design to embrace for your website. Taking note of the most recent design trends could aid you find out what works as well as what does not, as well as it’ll help site visitors take you seriously.

Embracing a positive technique to web design will certainly enable you to create a unique website that represents your service and its unique personality. If you don’t know where to get started, Then hire a professional WordPress development company, which will allow you to put into action almost all the trends that we covered in this article.

What WordPress design trends do you think will dominate in 2017? Allow us recognize in the comments section below!


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